What We Are.

What ARE We!?

We are Several Small Animals. Made with the cunning of a spider, the agility of a rabbit, the pound for pound strength of a giant Portuguese spider ant monkey, the sly charisma of a chinchilla and the wisdom… of a man. Able to leap small fences when given three or more opportunities. Capable of some (largely inaccurate) mind reading. Not totally unlike a warm chicken pot pie on a cold rainy afternoon. Able to create long lists of claims that may or may not be verifiable or possible. And last but not least, totally in love with YOU.   

Created in January 2010, we are a young but spirited entity, a sexy, saucy young upstart ready and willing to entertain. This is only the beginning, and it may take us some time before we get to know each other the way that we want to know each other, but we want you to know that we appreciate every set of eyes that brave the sprawling cybernetic expanse to seek us out in our small and unassuming corner of the internet. So, dear reader, thank you so very much for your time, your interest, your curiosity, your comments, your suggestions, your patience. Please, sit back, enjoy and allow us to crawl slowly but confidently into your mind and make sweet, soft but passionate love to your eyes from the inside out.

Best Wishes,

Several Small Animals                                                                                                                             

Leave a comment or Email us at: severalsmallanimals@gmail.com


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